RSS Feed

By default the Recent Activity module of Automne has an RSS feed which lists the five last actions on your site.  (To know how an RSS feed works in Automne consult the RSS feed section of the manual).  The RSS feed, especially when it acts as a recent activity feed, is a very important element for client relations and a way of assuring that the people who interest you are well-informed about your updates.  You will also undoubtedly want to add links to your feed from other pages or even create a new feed (one feed per category of news, for example).

To create a new feed in the Recent Activity module, click on the serrated wheel in the upper-right of the module box or go to Administration → Module management.  In "Edit application" select Recent activity and then in "Edit object" select Recent activity.  In "Associated RSS feeds" next click on "New".

For more information on creating RSS feeds consult the appropriate section of the manual.

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