Managing Recent Activity elements

To access Recent Activity management, go the administration column on the right, go to "Recent Activity" then "Manage 'Recent Activity' elements".

When you create/modify/search for your news, this is likewise true of their categories.

As stated above, news is composed of a title, a category, an introduction, a text and possibly an image.

If you want to attract your visitors' attention and encourage them to click on your news, an image is almost obligatory.

In order to enhance your news items' appearance and encourage visitors to click on them, strict attention must be paid to their titles and introductions.  These, in effect, determine if your visitors will look inside.
Don't hesitate to use an advanced format for your texts (the introduction as well as the text of the news itself).  Well-formatted information with a come-hither look easy on the eyes makes its point better than a frumpy spinster.

Like many elements, news can have a limited publication duration by limiting access to it for a predefined period.  For this it is enough to modify the dates from the Begin publication date to the End publication date of your news.  By default the publication date is its creation date and does not have an end date, which means it will remain available until the end of time.  Of course, you can modify these values at any moment while editing the news.

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