The Alias module

Module definition

The alias module allows quick access to a section of your site.  For example, in the form of a letter or a survey....  If you want to give a particular address on your site without furnishing the entire URL, you only need to create an alias for this address.

Your alias will have the form: and point directly to a page on your site, or to an address of your choice.

To access the list of existing aliases, click on the side panel on "Alias/Manage Alias elements".

Creation/Modification of an alias

Click on "New".
In the  "Alias" field type the name of your alias.  In the example, the alias is survey.

Specify the target and validate.

If more than one alias is created on the same path, only the last created will be taken into account.

Deleting an alias

Click on the "Delete" button in the list of your existing aliases.

Uses who bookmark or attempt to visit a deleted alias will be directed to a 404 page (Page not found).

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