Creating / Modifying / Deleting a module


Creating a polymod module is quick and easy.  In a few minutes you can define a new module which is completely configurable.

Define your objects and the fields which compose them.  The administration interface will be automatically created for you and ready to use immediately.

In the "Applications management" interface, the polymod modules are listed in the selection menu "Application to edit".  They appear in red, contrary to the specific modules which are in black.

Select a polymod module from the list, or click the "New" button to access to form to create or modify a Polymd module.

It is not currently possible to delete a polymod module.
Find out more on the subject in the Automne forum.


These are the form fields for creating and modifying a polymod module:

  • Label: Corresponds to the name of the module.  This label appears on the right administration sidebar.  Example:  the "News" label.
  • Identifier: The unique lidentity of the module.  You must here indicate a chain of characters different from other modules, without using special characters (alphanuleric characters only).  This information will not be visible on the site; it is a code used in a database.  In polymod, we advise prefixing this identifier with the letter "p". Example: the ientifier "pnews" for the News module.


Be aware that the field is only available during the creation of a module.  Once the module is created this property can no longer be modified.
  • Protecting the files to download: If the box is checked, the files to be downloaded (PDF, images, etc.) will be filtered before each download.  If rights are neccessary to see them, access will be denied to anyone without sufficient rights.
    The name of the file will be systematicallty cleaned of control data added by Automne.  Activating this option involves a heavier load on the server for all downloads.  Do not activate it unless there is a real need.


When a polymod module is created, form validation creates a database module.

The module will appear in the right sidebar and gives access to modify the properties and parameters of the moule

In order to have access to input elements for this module one must create an object having at least one field.

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