The principle of validation and publication

In the case of a site where many users need to publish content, it is interesting (and sometimes essential) to establish a verification policy before making the site available to visitors.

These validations assure that the information furnished by users is relevant and worthwhile.

The concept of validation is included in Automne; indeed, it is at its core.  Thus, all content destined to be displayed to the visitor (text, image, video...) must go through a validation stage.

We therefore find the following schema
Creation / Modification of content » Validation » Display to visitors.

This schema allows you, for example, to verify texts before publication (publication is done to make content visible to the visitor); in the case of comments upon an article, you can assure that the tone of the comments is appropriate for your site.

In addition to the necessity of validating content to be displayed to visitors, it is commonly necessary to add an idea of the timeliness of the information.  For example, a page promoting a concert or selling tickets to such an event is of no interest once the date of the event has passed.  Automne allows you to manage publication periods, permitting you to easily manage the periods during which an object (page, image, video....) is visible to visitors.

Of course the principle of validation leads to another principle, that of user level (without which every user would be able to validate).

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