The Polymod

The Polymod (for Polymorphic module) is a module generator.  It is a powerful tool used to create and manipulate data modules without having to manage (and know) SQL and PHP.

With Polymod it is possible, for example, to manage the input and storage of articles with title, content publication date and category, thus allowing you to integrate a Blog on your site.

The Polymod takes charge of the following elements that you can combine as you want in order to achieve exactly what you need to express yourself :

  • Short text
  • Long text (formatted or not)
  • Number (integer or floating)
  • Image
  • File
  • Category
  • Link
  • Date
  • Language
  • User or user group
  • Boolean (Yes - No)
  • etc.

This list is evolving and, if necessary for your project, you can even create your own kinds of fields.

It is very important to understand that Polymod cannot be used to create display (display being managed by content rows) and is focused exclusively on storing data.

The separation of content and display allows you to concentrate and deal with each one independently; this separation allows you to save time and offer an uncompromised experience to your users.

The Polymod is integrated by default at the core of Automne.

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