Action Log

Consulting the action log

The action log allows users having "Action log" admin rights to see all the important actions which have been made in Automne.

Adminstration : activity logs

Activiy logs windows

It is possible to consult the history of the following actions:

Publication actions

  • Modification of page properties,
  • Modification of page content,
  • Continue the modification of page content,
  • Submit page content for validation,
  • Request the deletion of a page,
  • Request a page to be archived,
  • Validation of page modifications,
  • Modification of module content,
  • Request the deletion of a module element,
  • Validation of module element modifications.

Administrative actuions

  • Modification of page model properties,
  • Modification of the XML definition of a page model,
  • Modification of content row properties,
  • Modification of the XML definition of content rows,
  • Modification of user account properties,
  • Modification of user account rights,
  • Modification of user group properties,
  • Modification of user group rights.

Identification actions

  • Authentification of a user (with or without the "remember my account" option).  IP connection and browser used.
  • Automatic authentification of a user.  automatique d'un utilisateur.  IP connection and browser used.

Sending emails

For each of these actions, you can know the user who performed it as well as the date and hour it was performed.

Action log management

An administrator can purge the action log of actions more than two months old.  To do this, search for an action according to the desired criteria and then click "Purge".

Attention, deleting the action log  cannot be cancelled; this action is irreversible.

Some features of Automne use the action log to display certain information.  For example, the <atm-last-update> tag depends on the presence of information in the action log in order to be used.  Purging the action log must thus be done only if there are too many actions in the log.

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