Managing media elements

From this interface you can create, modify or delete your media.


Corresponding to the title of the media, it is displayed in the media list.  Choose with care for it will be indispensable for finding your media when it is inserted into a page.


A detailed description of the media, it is used to research by key words.


Corresponding to the type of media, you can create new categories, as explained here.


Corresponds to the media itself.


Representing the name of the media, it is displayed in the overview of the thumbnail or thumbnail text (attribute alt).


Corresponds to the miniature image of your media.

Source file

Corresponds to the media itself.

Publication dates

These dates define the display restrictions of the media on your site.  If the current date is included in the range of dates indicated in these fields, your media will be visible on the site; if not, it will be automatically unpublished and disappear from the display.

The end date of publication is not obligatory; leave it empty if you want your media to continue to be visible indefinitely.


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