As the name says, publication is the act of putting pages or module elements in the front-end of your site so that they can be consulted by site visitors.

It is important to know that front-end designates a part accessible for reasons other than the Administration of Automne.  That is to say that if your site has a member section accessible only by login ID and password, this section will be part of the front-end of the site because it is outside of Automne administration.  To put it another way, the front-end is everything not found under the address YOUR_SITE/automne/admin.

An element may be published temporarily thanks to publication dates, which can be useful in the case of announcements of events, for example.  Temporary publication can de done on every page and module element which is a  pimary resource (that is to say directly subject to validation).

Automatic publication and unplublication :

To publish or unpublish content at a given date:

  • Specify the publication dates.
  • Validate the element.

For automatic publication and unpublication to work, you must add the following script to the cron (planned tasks) of your server:

0 0 * * * www-data php /racine_du_site/automne/classes/scripts/daily_routine.php

Here www-data is used to run Apache. This code causes the script /racine_du_site/automne/classes/scripts/daily_routine.php to run every night at midnight. More information on how cron works.

This feature requires PHP CLI on your server.  If CLI is not present, automatic publication and unpublication of content will be effected  when a user connects to the administration interface of Automne.

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