Page validation

Page validation adheres to the same principles as the validation of a standard module.
While you modify a page it is in Editing mode and when finished it goes into Edited mode.  It is only at this time that you can validate the publication of the page.  In other words the modification cycle consists of 3 steps.

Modification > modification validation > publication validation.

Typically the validation of the modification is made by the person effectuating the modification, once they are sure the modification accords with his or her intentions.  The validation of the publication is next effectuated by an administrator after making sure that the modification is appropriate for users of the site.

How it works

In the "Validations pending" section of the Automne menu, one can find listed all the archives / deletions / creations / modifications of the page to be validated.

This information is grouped by creation / modification on one hand and deletion / archive on the other.  To see the actions in one group click on its name; you will then see a panel listing actions to validate at top and the validation options at the bottom.

For all pages you can choose to:

  • Accept the validation: which authorizes the modification (passing from Edited to Public status).
  • Refuse the validation: in this case the page is not modified and will be flagged as being in need of re-modification. 
  • Transfer the validation: the person to whom you choose to transfer the modification will make the decision to accept or not the modifications of the page.  In this case, it is advisable to add a comment explaining the reasons for the transfer.

Whatever your decision, you can explain it with a comment which can also serve to follow the modifications.

To help you make a good decision you can:

  • Preview the page,
  • See the page online,
  • Modify the page.

These three actions are available in the gap between the top and bottom part of the panel.

You can also choose to handle the validation of several pages of the same group at one time.  For this, check the checkboxes corresponding to the pages to validate; next click validate by lot.
You can only validate a page lot; if you want to transfer or refuse the validation you must do it one page at a time.

On the validation panel you can at any moment change groups by selecting the type of validation in the  "Validation types" rollover menu at the top of the window.

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