Some helpful development tools


You will undoubtedly need tools allowing you to modify or create images to improve your design.  If you do not have a favorite tool, this list of our favorites may be useful.

Windows (freeware):  Contrary to the software supplied with Windows, is equipped with many features allowing for the easy editing of images and applying more complex effects.

Photofiltre (free/paid):  There are two versions of photofiltre, one free, but old and not updated; the other must be paid for.  The free version allows you to make the most classic modifications (cropping, color, noise....); the paid version adds advanced features such as layer management.  It should be noted that the free version is not authorized for commercial use.

Fireworks (paid):  A part of the Adobe Creative Suite (in the same family as Dreamweaver and Photoshop, it is a powerful tool conceived for the production of images for the web.  It allows very precise work for your web images.

Photoshop (paid):  Well-known among graphic artists, Photoshop is very powerful software originally created for the modification and manipulation of photographs.  Little by little it has become used for the creation of images for websites even though this tool is difficult to master and expensive.  You must therefore develop a strategy to make it worth the cost.


Gimp (freeware):  A free alternative to Photoshop, Gimp is the most popular image editor for Linux.  It is therefore furnished with the majority of distributions.  It is likewise available for Windows and MacOS, among others.

Pixel image editor (paid):  Also known as Pixel32, Pixel image editor is software for retouching images and is inspired by Photoshop.  It is available for Windows and MacOS, among others.


There are a number of development tools for PHP/javascript or to edit SQL requests and no matter whether it is for Windows, Linux or MacOS, there are many to choose from without passing through the pain of repeated tests.  For this reason we list our favorites below .


Jedit:  A relatively little-known editor available for Windows, Mac and Linux which can manage a large number of formats.  In addition it has a plug-in system to expand its capabilities.

Scite:  A very light editor which does not need installation.  Its is very "no frills" and recommended for users looking for a lightweight and simple editor.

Pspad : Pspad is a very complete editor that will please any developer.


Jedit : A relatively little-known editor available for Windows, Mac and Linux which can manage a large number of formats.  In addition is has a plug-in system to expand its capabilities.

VIM : A modal editor derived from VI while adding a friendlier interface.  Its power and relative simplicity make it an editor of choice for Linux users.

Gedit/Kedit... Most Linux distributions are furnished with text editors that are sufficient for basic development.

Once your site is developed you will no doubt want to be sure your visitors see it as it should be; for this you will have to test it with different navigators and undoubtedly pass through a tweaking phase.  The tools listed here will help you during this phase.

These lists of software are not exhaustive and are only supplied for your information.  WS Interactive has no link with the publishers of the software cited.

The most common navigators are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome.

For Firefox, Safari and Chrome a test of the latest version will usually be sufficient  For Internet Explorer you will have to (ideally) test versions 6, 7 and 8.

For this you can use tools such as multiple IE and Ietester or install several virtual machines, each with a version of Internet Explorer, taking into account that this will require at least three Windows licenses.

There are also services to test sites online such as Adobe browser lab.

The administration of Automne is not compatible with Internet Explorer 6  for reasons described in the FAQ. This does not stop you from using Automne to create sites compatible with this version of the navigator.


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