Dedicated server / shared server

A server is a computer upon which software called a web server is used to deliver (serve) the content of your website and web pages to web users.

A server is identified by an IP address.  This is the equivalent of the GPS coordinates of a house.  For example:  Although it is possible to consult a web site  by typing the IP address of its server, it is generally preferable to use a domaine name we associate with an IP address.  This is the equivalent of the mailing address of a house.  For example:

Automne requires the use of the Apache web server in order to function.  There are no restrictions regarding the version of your Apache web server but versions  1.3x are the fastest and use less resources on your server.

In order to configure your Apache server there are only two prerequisites:

If you want to install several instances of Automne on the same server, use the virtualhost of Apache to create as many virtual hosts as you want on your server.

Putting a site on a server to make it available on the internet is called hosting.  There are two principal types of hosting:  a dedicated server or a shared server.

Dedicated server

A dedicated server is a machine whose resources serve your site alone.  It is as if your site lived in a house; it would have all the rooms to itself and to use at its leisure.  This solution allows sites to be quick no matter what their size or complexity.

Shared server

A shared server is a machine whose resources are divided between several users.  It is as if your site lived in a hotel.  Like hotels, shared servers range from little  hotels with toilets and showers down the hall to five star hotels with air-conditioned rooms and satellite television.

Automne only needs a server which supports PHP5 and MySQL (more information on the page PHP / MySQL) and it will be discrete, quick and easy to use even on a "no-frills" shared server.

Many providers offer dedicated or shared hosting.  In the case of shared hosting, you must make sure the service meets the prerequisites for Automne.

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