User management


The user management interface displays all the users registered for the application and allows one to manage their rights according to the different existing modules.

Some rules regarding users:

  • Users can create other users if and only if they have "User management" rights.
  • A user can be associated with one or more groups.

User profile edition



When a user is selected, several tabs are available to modify their profile and rights:

  • User profile,
  • Associated groups,
  • Administration,
  • Modules:  a tab is displayed for each module available for administration.

When a new user is created, only the "User profile" tab is active.  As soon as the user is created, you can access all the other tabs.


 "User profile" tab User profile tab


  • First name: User's first name.
  • Last name: User's last name.
  • Email : User's email address (if necessary, alerts will be sent to this address).
  • Login: User login for Automne (this login must be unique and be composed of at least 1 character).
  • Password: User password (a password of at least 5 characters is required and it must be different from the login.  For security reasons, we suggest a password of at least 8 characters containing letters and numbers).
  • Confirm: It will be necessary to re-type the previously indicated password.  This confirmation verifies that no errors were made when the password was input.
  • Language: User's primary language.  Only languages defined by the application are available in the selection box.


Contact info:

  • Position: User's position in the company.
  • Department: Department to which the user belongs.
  • Telephone: User's land line .
  • Cell: User's cell phone number.
  • Fax: User's fax number.
  • Address: Mailing address of the user.  This information is broken into 3 lines (for example, line 1 = floor or building, line 2 = street and number, line 3 = empty).
  • Zip code: User's zip code (post code).
  • City: User's city.
  • Sate or province: User's state or province.
  • Country: User's country.


Email alerts:

  • Modification of your profile: Send an email to the user when their profile is modified.
  • Validations : Send an email to a user when a page is pending validation in one of the sections to which the user has validation rights.
  • Page alerts: Send an email to a user when an alert is signaled for a page the user is working on.


"Associated groups" tab Groups tab

The list of all groups is under this tab.

For each group we can see if the user is associated (or not) with the group (the checkbox is checked or not).  A filter can be used to display only the groups to which the user belongs.

It is possible to associate or disassociate the user from groups by checking or unchecking the checkboxes in front of the desired groups.  The association with a group is saved immediately.


"Administration" tab Onglet Administration

This tab is detailed in the Administration rights page.

"Modules" tab Mediacenter tab Forms tab Aliases tab News tab Onglet Page

A tab is displayed for each module available in the administration.

Thus one can always find the "Pages" tab as it is the principle module in Automne, integrated in its core.  We also find the "Forms" tab because it is the model furnished during the installation of Automne.

These tabs are detailed in the Assigning rights page.


  • Create a user: Allows one to access the form to create a new user:
  • Modify a user: Only when a user is selected: it permits one to open the user's profile for modification.
  • Deactivate a user: Deactivate selected user: this user can no longer be authenticated.  The user is not deleted and their profile can still be modified.
  • Delete a user: The user's profile becomes inactive and no longer appears in the application's user list.  Please note that the user is still present in the database because the profile may be linked to other resources.  Nevertheless the user's login and password are empty and the user is marked as deleted.
  • Search for a user: By default the first users are displayed, listed in alpabetical order.  It is possible to search for users and filter the results by:
    • Keyword (last name, first name or login),
    • Letter (first letter of the last name),
    • Group (list of groups).


The results can be listed according to the properties of the users by clicking on the column title.

For example one can list the result by "First name".


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