Possible actions

Each one of your modification is automatically saved in the page draft.

You have access to several actions, all along the page modifications, available on the top of the visualisation zone of your page:

Options : allows you to activate or disactivate specifics options of your page edition,

  • Animated rows moving : Enable visual effect when you move rows. Uncheck it if you need better performance.
  • Window scroll: when this option is activated, the browser window is automatically placed on the row top when you update its content. Uncheck it if you need better performance.
  • Publish this content : available if you have page validation rights. It performs two operations at the same time : submission and page validation so that your page is directly published online.The current draft is always deleted after publishing.
  • Submit to validation : when the page validation is over, you can submit your page to validation. Your page will be visible on line only after its validation. This action also delete the draft, as it is now submit to validation.
  • Preview: Preview the current draft to check how it will exactly appear online


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