Content rows

Content rows are made up of one or more blocks of content that you put in your client spaces. Content rows permit input and organize the content of your site.

Page template composition

These blocks can contain all types of information:

  • Title
  • Text,
  • Image,
  • Documents,
  • Flash animation,
  • Module.

There are a number of default rows in Automne 4 (text, image, title h1, title h2, google map ...). You can also create yourn own content rows to enrich your site with many kinds of information.

All content rows are independent from one another.  There are no restrictions on the number of times or the placement of rows on the site.  Content rows are usable everywhere at any time in the client spaces of your page models.

Thanks to content rows, you have complete freedom in organizing the content of your site as well as an ease of customization without technical constraints.

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