Actions on page models

Creating a model.

Creating a page model corresponds to adding a new page template to your site.  This new page model will be available when you create or modify a page.

Attention!  By default, a new model is not active; in order to use it, the model must be activated with the "Activate" button.

Once created, the XML definition of the row is saved on the server as an XML file in the folder /automne/templates.

Modifying a model

Modifying a page model allows you to change its properties (name, description, thumbnail), but also to change its groups and sites in order to restrict its use by certain user profiles.

It is also possible to change the XML definition of your page model, its content rows and client spaces available when printing the page.

Changing the XML definition of a model already used in the pages will apply the new formatting to all the pages using the model.

Activating / de-activating a model

Activating a page model determines if it can be used when creating or modifying a page.  When it is created, a model is inactive by default in order to allow you to finalize it before it is used by editors.

Once the model is created and its XML definition is finished, remember to activate it so that editors can use it.

De-activing a model has no impact on the pages already using it.

Deleting a model

You can delete a model only if it is no longer assigned to any page. You can see pages using a page model in the information returned when searching for a page model.

Deleting a page model is irreversible.  Once deleted, your page model can no longer be found and this action is not submitted for validation.

Be careful not to delete a page model that may be used in the future; it is better in this case to de-activate it to prevent it from being used in pages.

Searching for a model

Searching alows you to easily find a page model using the filter display on the right.  You can search by:

  • Name,
  • Description,
  • Group,
  • Site,
  • Page,
  • state (active/inactive).

See pages

See pages lists all the pages using this page model.

Regenerate pages

Regenerate pages recreates the cache of all pages using this model.

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